how it all began…


As an intuitive empath, Yomna was always fascinated by the spiritual realms. After leaving a long career in the Corporate world, she decided to dive deeper into the world of inner healing, self-empowerment and spirituality; as she went on a quest to Remember who she truly was.

Along her journey, she found the greatest fulfillment when she was able to shine the light for other people on their own paths of self-discovery. This led her into the world of Life and Spiritual Coaching where she was able to combine both practical and spiritual tools to empower others to live their own Heaven on Earth.

In July 2019,  she founded “Of Heaven On Earth L.L.C.”; a company created with the vision of raising the collective consciousness through many forms of spiritual work.

She is a Multi-Dimensional Healer who is certified in Soul Coaching®, Akashic Records Reading and Healing, Holy Fire Reiki, Energy-In-Motion (EMO), Laughter Yoga and is an ICF Life Coach.

She also integrates her Egyptian background to bring in various forms of Alchemy and Healing into her sessions and programs.

Her goal is to support and guide others in Remembering and Awakening to their Inner Divinity and Expanding their Spiritual gifts to allow them to manifest the life that they have always dreamed of; their very own Heaven on Earth.

Some of the ways she enjoys giving back to the community is through her volunteer work as a Crisis Counselor at the Crisis Text Line and as a mentor for juveniles in the Fort Bend Detention Center; both of which allow her to connect and be of service to those who need a little extra help to overcome their current circumstances.

If you want to know more details on how she can help you embark on your own journey of Re-membering who you are, Re-Discovering your spiritual gifts and Re-Creating the life you have always dreamed of, click the link below to book a free Soul Analysis call.




usui/holy fire® Reiki I & II Certification

Dec 7-8, 2019

december sistership circle

dec 14, 2019

Soul journey® meditation for 2020 

Dec 21, 2019